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Car Seat Safety

Did you know?

  • Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of death and injury for children over one year of age!
  • Approximately 80% of child safety seats are used incorrectly.
  • A properly installed car seat can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by up to 71%.

Have your child's car seat checked FREE by trained staff. They will ensure your child is riding in the proper type of seat for his/her age, height and weight, check for wear and tear, proper fit, installation and anchoring. Your child's safety depends on it. Call today to book an appointment!

Expecting a new baby?

Is your checklist complete?
  • Decorate nursery  (check!)
  • Set up crib  (check!)
  • Pack for hospital  (check!)
  • Purchase a car seat  (check!)
  • Install a car seat !!        

Take the time NOW to read the owners manual and ensure your baby’s car seat is properly installed. Soon life will be too busy!! 

For more information on child restraints contact an HBHC nurse at 705-647-4305 or 1-866-747-4305.

For information on: Choosing the Right Car Seat


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