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Need a copy of your immunization record (also called "Yellow Card")?


Do you need a copy of your immunizations or do you need to update your immunization record? Click on the icons above or follow this link to add to your record. 

Immunization is necessary for two reasons:

  • to protect the individual and to protect communities. Vaccines protect an entire population by preventing the spread of disease from one individual to another; 
  • the more people immunized, the less chance for disease to circulate.

Timiskaming Health Unit provides vaccines in a variety of settings for individuals who are eligible.   

Everyone should have a yellow card or record of immunizations they have received and keep the record updated. The Health Unit has an electronic database that holds immunization records for every student who attends day care and school in the area. Parents should keep a copy of their child's vaccines and take it to all medical appointments when immunizations are to be given. 

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