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Small Drinking Water Systems

If your business makes drinking water available to the public and you do not get your drinking water from a municipal drinking water system, you may be an owner or operator of a “small drinking water system.”

Small drinking water systems can include restaurants, seasonal trailer parks, summer camps, community centres, libraries, gas stations, motels, churches and many other public facilities.

The MOHLTC has prepared several fact sheets and brochures to help you become familiar with the changes to Ontario’s drinking water legislation. Please visit the Ministry’s website to read the new regulations and to obtain other resources and forms. 



If you are a new business or business owner, please contact your local health unit office and speak with a Public Health Inspector. He/she will make an appointment to conduct a site-specific risk assessment and provide you with further information. 

If you are not sure whether your system is regulated, please contact your local public health unit.