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Harm Reduction Services

The Timiskaming Health Unit’s Harm Reduction Distribution Program is designed to ensure that people who use drugs can have access to sterile injection equipment and safer inhalation kits to reduce the incidence and prevalence of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and other harms. Where appropriate, clients are encouraged to take advantage of Hepatitis inoculation programs, HIV and other blood testing, counseling, overdose prevention, and referral to rehabilitation programs.


What is Harm Reduction?

Harm Reduction is a set of principles that can be used to guide policy and program development which aim primarily to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences associated with drug use.

Needle Exchange

Offers sterile equipment provided by the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program and other services to reduce the spread of blood-borne infections among people who inject drugs, including steroids.

Protects the public by reducing the number of used needles discarded in public places.

Free Supplies and Services: 

  • needles, injection and inhalation equipment for injecting or inhaling drugs
  • information about safer drug use
  • information about safer sex
  • community referrals to services
  • disposal containers for used needles and sharps
  • condoms and lube
  • information on Naloxone and overdose prevention and management


Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. When someone overdoses on opioids, their breathing either slows or stops completely. If used right away, naloxone can help them breathe normally and regain consciousness. Naloxone can either be injected or given as a nasal spray.


Safer Smoking Kits:

Distribution of safer crack-smoking kits reduces the risk that people will share pipes or use broken ones. It is also an opportunity to connect more drug users with harm reduction programs and other health and social services. The Timiskaming health unit distributes kits that contain the materials needed to make smoking crack safer.

Supplies available:

  • syringes and needles
  • sterile alcohol swabs
  • sterile water ampules
  • cookers/spoons
  • filters
  • ascorbic acid
  • tourniquets
  • stems
  • mouthpieces
  • screens
  • push sticks

For more information on safer crack smoking: