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It takes more than food to solve hunger!

Being food insecure means that one does not have access to the food they need. The stress of not being able to eat healthy food (or sometimes any food at all) usually leads to health problems. The main reason why people are food insecure is not having enough money. To solve this problem we need to focus on demanding proper income levels that match the cost of living. This will help bring back dignity to all individuals and families that are food insecure. 



Food insecurity in Timiskaming

In Timiskaming 9.4% of all families don`t have access to the food they need and a total of 18% live in low income.

According to the 2017 Nutritious Food Basket [NFB] results, which combines the cost of healthy eating and rent and compares it with families’ total income, those living in low-income are more likely to have a hard time putting food on the table. For example, a single parent with 2 children living on Ontario works would have only around $900 left after paying food and rent; this amount would have to cover for other equally important expenses such as clothing, medication or heating. To see this and other scenarios check the full 2017 NFB results.


When those other expenses become more important, people tend to find other ways to cut costs, and food tends to be the 1st choice, where strategies can go from eating smaller portions to not eating at all. For a better idea of the struggle people and families living in food insecurity live through, read THU’s 2016 report.



If you are in need of a food bank or know someone who is in need, check out our local and charitable food map. 

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