Educator/Teacher Resources

Ontario Physical and Health Education Association - Health and physical education curriculum resources
Ontario Association for Public Health Dentistry - Dental curriculum available in English and French at the Timiskaming Health Unit 647-4305; 1-866-747-4305.
Our Active & Safe Routes to School web site provides resources, tools, information and links for schools and communities to create their own unique Active & Safe Routes to School program.  All of our resources for teaches are linked to the Ontario Curriculum using the Curriculum Unit planner.

Canada Food Guide Interactive Resource: The Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit is designed to help those who teach groups of children and adults about healthy eating and physical activity, and encourage individuals to take action to maintain and improve their health.

Infection Control Resource Kit for Child Care settings - 20+ activity ideas that can be done with children and/or staff.


Youth E-Cigarettes & Vaping Campaign

Vaping: What’s the Hype

The toolkit consists of the following:

Vaping Risks

Some people vape to try to quit smoking

Movement to stop  vaping


Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017 - How the Act Affects: Schools 

E-cigarettes and Vaping (THU)

Social Media Plan

School Announcements

About vaping - Government of Canada

What parents and caregivers need to know about vaping and e-cigarettes - Be prepared to talk with your teen