Immunization Information

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) makes recommendations for the use of vaccines in Canada. NACI recommendations are also published in the Canadian Immunization Guide

Adverse Events Following Immunizations

Health care practitioners are required to report AEFIs to Timiskaming Health Unit. You can also report by calling 1-866-747-4305 or 1-705-647-4305.

Cold Chain

Health care practitioners are required to report cold chain incidents to Timiskaming Health Unit. Vaccines can lose their effectiveness when exposed to light or temperatures outside +2°C and +8°C range. If your vaccines are exposed to a cold chain failure, call Timiskaming Health Unit: 705-647-4305 or 1-866-747-4305, bag the exposed vaccines and keep in the fridge, separate from new product(s), and do not discard or use the vaccine until you have consulted with Timiskaming Health Unit.

Ordering Vaccines

Vaccines can be ordered through the inventory clerk at Timiskaming Health Unit. You must be registered to store publicly funded vaccines. All vaccines ordered will be given free of charge to eligible Ontario residents. The fridges where vaccines are stored must: maintain temperatures between +2c to +8c, must be monitored at least twice a day with a minimum, maximum and current temperature, must meets the requirements of Ontario's Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines, and has the capacity to safely store the ordered vaccine.

Reporting Immunizations

In June 2018, the government canceled a new requirement for Health Care Providers to report vaccines directly to public health. The responsibility for reporting vaccines administered to their children still falls on the parent/guardian. The HCP can facilitate this by updating the parent’s copy of their child’s record each time they are immunized. HCPs wishing to report immunizations given at their clinics directly to Timiskaming Health Unit can also do so by:

FAX 705-647-5779


MAIL:  attn.: Immunization Clerk, Timiskaming Health Unit, P.O. Box 1090, New Liskeard, ON P0J 1K0


Please encourage your patients to maintain their immunization records and their children’s immunization records. ICON (Immunization Connect Ontario) is an online portal that is connected to the provincial immunization database that public health maintains, called Panorama. Patients can report immunizations and upload records through ICON, which is secure. The immunizations submitted through the website are reviewed by Timiskaming Health Unit. ICON also forecasts immunizations that are overdue, or nearly due.