Prental Classes 

Pregnancy is a very special time.

If you and your partner are expecting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by fear of the unknown. Studies have shown that being educated in the birth process can reduce the amount of stress in labour. When you understand the labour process, it is easier to allow your body to do what it needs to do. Many new parents find that education through prenatal classes, or an online childbirth class can really help calm their worries and answer many questions. The

Timiskaming Health Unit offers free prenatal education for couples, singles and teens in two ways:

Prenatal Classes 

Expecting a baby? The Timiskaming Health Unit offers Prenatal Classes for expectant women and their partners. Each series consists of 5 chapters on a variety of topics. Click here  for a pdf version of the class schedule overview.

Public health nurses facilitate interactive sessions about nutrition and healthy weight gain during pregnancy, fitness, breathing techniques, postpartum issues, things to avoid, breastfeeding, preparation for childbirth, infant care, and much more. Begin classes as early as possible in your pregnancy so that you can make those positive lifestyle changes sooner!

Prenatal Classes Schedule: 

New Liskeard Dates
*Please call your local office to inquire.

Kirkland Lake Dates
*Please call your local office to inquire.

Online Childbirth Education 

Who should take an Online Childbirth Education Class? 

This online class may be the answer if... you find yourselves in one of the following situations: 

  • Time Constraints - Perhaps you and your partner have limited time because of other commitments or activities. 
  • Bed Rest - Your healthcare provider may have placed you on bed rest for medical reasons and therefore you cannot attend classes. 
  • Timiskaming Health Unit Face-to-Face Classes are Full - Perhaps you have waited too long to register for classes and there is nothing available. 
  • Have Given Birth Before - It is always helpful to have a "refresher course". 

How does it work?

To register, click herePlease note that we are currently experiencing difficulty with our link, in the interim we will be using PHSD’s link. Should you require local services you can contact our offices, please call 1-866-747-4305.

Pick up your bag of Prenatal Resources at your local Health Unit office!