Do you need a copy of your immunizations or do you need to update your immunization record? Click on the icons below:


Everyone should have a yellow card or record of immunizations they have received and keep the record updated. The Health Unit has an electronic database that holds immunization records for every student who attends child care and school in the area. Parents are responsible to keep a copy of their child's vaccines, take it to all medical appointments when immunizations are to be given and submit it to Public Health.

ICON, Immunization Connect Ontario, is a web based service by the Ministry of health and Long Term Care.  ICON allows everyone to submit information or access a copy of their “Yellow Card”

Please Note

  • Immunization submissions will not automatically appear once submitted. Please allow five business days to process
  • To view and submit immunizations and to set up a PIN (Password) you will need your child's Ontario Health Card Number (OHCN) and immunization record/yellow card.
  • ICON only contains information reported to the Health Unit. It is possible that your child has received additional immunizations from a Health Care Provider that are not in ICON. Please submit any missing immunization information in ICON to ensure your child's record is up to date.