Get Infomred, Get Involved, Go vote

Upcoming Provincial Election

The 2022 Ontario provincial election will take place June 2, 2022 

Get informed. Get involved. Go vote!

When you vote, you register your opinion on how you think the government should operate. It’s your right. Voters consistently rate health care as a top concern and the public health system is a powerful resource to help increase health opportunities for everyone in the community.

Voters: What to consider

Governments play an important role in shaping policies that impact all aspects of our lives, including our health. Timiskaming Health Unit aims to highlight several key public health issues for candidates and voters to consider during an election cycle. We are counting on you to make health matter in your election journey and beyond.

Decide how you will vote by:

  • Visiting the websites of political parties and independent candidates to better understand their platform and promises.
  • Comparing your ideas and values with those of political candidates. Find out which platform you most identify with.
  • Asking questions to political candidates who come to your door or reach out to politicians by email and social media or at public debates.
  • Ask electoral candidates about the positions and issues that most impact your life and that of your community.

Timiskaming Health Unit and the COVID-19 pandemic: From risk to recovery and resilience

Learn more about the issues and the actions provincial leaders can take to protect and promote the health of communities locally and across the province here: Public Health Priorities - 2022 Provincial Election (PDF)