STI Prevention, Testing & TreatmentSTI Prevention, Testing & Treatment

Looking for confidential testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? 

The Sexual Health Clinic offers various testing methods and free treatments for STIs. Whether you have symptoms, risks, or want routine testing for an STI, contact us at 1-866-747-4305 to book an appointment with a public health nurse in sexual health. A nurse will assess your needs and provide you with appropriate services and support.  

Testing and treatments available through our Sexual Health Clinic: 

The Sexually Transmitted Infections Booklet

For more information, check out Sexual Health Ontario for up-to-date information about sexually transmitted infections, testing and treatment. 


Anyone can get an STI if they have sex without a condom. Using a condom correctly each time you have sex can help protect you and your partner(s) from STIs. 

HPV Vaccine

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus. The HPV vaccine helps protect everyone for certain cancers. As of March 15, 2019, all Ontario students in grade 7 to 12 remain eligible for free HPV9 vaccinations. Also included are males born on or after 2004 who have either not started or have an incomplete HPV4 series, females in grade 9-12 who have either not started or have an incomplete HPV4 series; as well as men (aged 9-26 years) who have sex with men (MSM); including those who have an incomplete HPV4 series.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health, “without immunization, three out of four sexually active Canadians will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives”.

For more information about HPV and the HPV vaccine: