A healthy nutrition environment at work is great for employees and employers!

Contact the Timiskaming Health Unit to learn more about building a healthy workplace.

A workplace where healthy food & drink choices are easy to make is good for both employees and employers. Because we spend about half of our day at work, it is important to make sure that we can eat healthy during that time.

Benefits of a healthy workplace:

  • Employees have the chance to make healthy food and drink choices
  • Healthy food and drinks help keep employees focused and productive while at work and lowers the amount of days of missed work
  • Healthy food and drinks also help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease
  • Employees feel supported to make healthier choices, which helps them feel a sense of belonging and increases motivation to do a great job 


What can you do for a healthy workplace nutrition environment?

It is important to understand that making healthy food and drink choices does not only depend on your motivation to eat well. Even the most motivated person can have a hard time eating healthy when their environment is not supportive.


  • Make sure there is a space where staff can have the meals/snacks they bring from home (e.g. kitchen with equipment such as a fridge, microwave and cutlery)
  • Offer healthy options at meetings or other work events and encourage employees to do the same
  • Give employees the chance to learn more about healthy eating and accessing a Registered Dietitian (example: workshops, printed materials)
  • Contact the Timiskaming Health Unit for support 


  • Pack healthy meals and snacks from home. This way, you do not have to eat out, where the food is usually not the healthiest. It can also encourage your colleagues to do so, when you share meal times.
  • Think about healthy options that can be used to celebrate special events at work (example: smaller portion of cake, or fruit for birthdays)
  • Be the leader – motivate others to eat healthier by organizing healthy potlucks or recipe exchanges, and work with your employer to ask for a better nutrition environment. 

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