Blended Home Visiting ProgramBlended home visiting program

Parenting and Pregnancy Support

Do you need support for a healthy pregnancy, as a new parent or as your child grows and develops? If so, we may be able to help! The blended home visiting program is a voluntary program where a Public Health Nurse and Family Resource Worker provide in home support to expectant parents and families with children ages 0-6.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, our HBHC staff are here to support you!

Below are examples of things our HBHC staff can help with:

I'm pregnant

I have a new baby 

I have a toddler/child 

I'm pregnant 

I have a new baby 

I have a toddler/child 

Changes in your body

Emotional changes

How your baby grows

Healthy eating and physical activity

Labour and birth classes


Preparing to add a baby to your life and to your family 

Healthy parent-child relationships

Feeding your baby

Playing with your baby

Keeping your baby safe

Staying physically and emotionally healthy

Being a parent

Resources in your community 

Activities for young children

Providing safe, secure and a loving home environment

Parenting topics such as feeding, positive discipline, toilet training, and immunizations

Building your parenting support system 


If you are interested in receiving in home support, please call 866-747-4305 and ask to speak to a member of the Healthy Babies Healthy Children Team!


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