In Temiskaming Shores, sharrows have been painted on the Wabi bridge continuing to Elm Street. The purpose of a sharrow – road markings showing a bicycle with two chevrons – is to remind residents to share the road when driving or riding their bicycle. 

Benefits of Sharrows

For bicyclists, sharrows:

  • Let bicyclists know when to "take the lane" where lanes are too narrow for riding side by side with vehicles 
  • Can be used as a navigating tool for bicycle friendly routes
  • Reminds drivers that people riding their bicycles may be present

For drivers, sharrows:

  • Remind drivers that people on bicycles may use the lane and belong in traffic
  • Encourages safe passing of bicyclists by motorists
  • Remind them to share the road
  • Sharrows do not mean that the lane is only for bicycles. Vehicles and bicycles must share the lane.
  • Sharrows do not in any way require a bicyclist to take a particular route or obligate where bicyclists should position themselves in a lane. Bicyclists have the right to ride in any lane and motorists should treat people on bicycles as they would any other vehicle.

How to drive in a lane with sharrows:

  • Sharrows in Temiskaming Shores are painted on lanes that are too narrow for a vehicle to safely pass a bicycle. 
  • Bicyclists should “take the lane” by riding closer to the middle of the lane to reduce the risk of vehicles passing too closely.
  • Drivers should travel a safe distance behind a bicyclist, and only pass in another lane of traffic when safe to do so. 
  • Be patient and share the road!




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