We know as the precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 continue, their implications continue to add up. Many people are left to self-isolate at home, and some may belong to vulnerable groups who are in need of essential supplies while not having someone to support them.

With these individuals in mind, the Timiskaming Health Unit (THU) in partnership with local organizations, has created a COVID-19 volunteer line – Connexions Timiskaming Connections. Our aim is to connect those who need help (individuals members of the community OR organizations in need for volunteers, such as food banks) with available community helpers.  

The Connexions Timiskaming Connections volunteer line is a public health response to the time-sensitive challenges presented to many in our communities as they adjust to COVID-19 public health measures. This response is based on trust and mutual generosity in our close-knit communities. THU is operating only as a connecting service; volunteers who offer support to others are not doing so on behalf of THU and do not fall under any THU policies or procedures.  

Minimal personal information will be collected for the purpose of linking people and will only be shared with verbal or written permission. By signing up you agree to have this information saved in our internal server; at no time will this information be shared with external partners.

While we have made utmost effort to mitigate risk, this initiative is only a matching service and acknowledges that risk is not completely preventable and must be accepted by those using the Connexions Timiskaming Connections service. Timiskaming Health Unit does not accept liability or responsibility for community members supporting one another during this time. 

If you, or someone you know needs help please contact us.

Email: connect@timiskaminghu.com or call 1-866-747-4305, Ext. 2278 

Similarly, if you can offer to help, please reach out. All volunteers will be screened, those who qualify will be added to our volunteer list and may be called upon when a request for help comes in. Please review the Volunteer Guidance package to ensure your experience is safe and positive. 

Forms for help and volunteering can be found below.