Childbirth can be exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time, but one thing for certain it is a very emotional time for families. It is not uncommon for new moms to experience crying spells and feeling sad, irritable and frustrated as well as fatigued within three to five days after delivery. Although, if this lasts for more than two weeks or is severe enough to interfere with your daily routine, it is time to seek help. You may be experiencing something known as post partum mood disorder. This disorder can manifest itself in different ways such as anxiety, depression and in extreme cases psychosis.

We all struggle from time to time and research is showing that this illness not only affects the moms but also the dads and the family as a whole. The sooner we catch this illness the better outcome will be for all involved. Part of the Timiskaming Health Unit's Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program, is to ensure the best possible outcomes for our parents and their children. Within this program, we offer a service for families that might be suffering from post partum mood disorder. We would like to extend this supportive counselling service to those families that may be experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned. If you or someone you know is struggling after the birth of a new baby, please call the Timiskaming Health Unit 705-647-4305 or toll free 1-866-747-4305 and ask to speak to a Healthy Babies Healthy Children nurse.

Try this checklist link to see “How you are Feeling”. Select the answer which is closest to how you felt in the past 7 days, not just how you feel today.

If you scored 12 or more points, call a public health nurse to talk about how you are feeling or take this form and see your doctor as soon as you can.

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